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Cataclysm E.P. is the story of a so-called normal human being.

Whereas he's spending a peaceful evening watching TV, he realizes suddenly that the possibility that his beloved country is the target of an extraterrestrial attack exists. (Mission)

Then his life becomes unstable.

He becomes the prisoner of his own ideas and his own fears.(Slave) He tries to protect himself as he can but no matter what he does takes him to the wrong direction. Sometimes, he has the feeling that things are getting better which is not the case as his fears never completely disappear. They grow blurred but always return after a few seconds. (Parade)

This situation becomes more and more embarrassing as this virtual combat is taking his energy away.  He ends up falling into an endless black hole, various objects whirling around him as in a washing machine. (Down)

When it wakes up a few seconds later, he is lying on a bed, in a soft and comfortable room. Small loudspeakers are spreading a pleasant and relaxing music. He must have been drunk the night before and all that occurred is only the scenario of a very bad nightmare. But the pretty melody which is repeating itself again and again becomes obsessing and unhealthy. Once again, the man feels badly at ease…  (Hotel Room)

The nightmare returns, even stronger as he tries to leave the room. The walls start to dance and the water, coming from nowhere, starts to go up and ends up flooding the room. After many efforts to swim and keep his head out of the water, he suddenly faints. (Flood)

One more time, he comes back to life. He's now in a locked empty room. A strong white and blinding light is shining above his head. He tries to sort his thoughts out but he's totally unable to do so. He feels lonely and stripped, he sinks once again. (Isolated)

After sleeping a few minutes in a deep silence, he finally opens his eyes. He's back home. Everything looks normal despite the fact that tons of pictures are crowding in his head, pictures reminding him of what he's been through. Obsessed by his own ideas, he talks to himself, singing: « When you lie, I don't mind. You waste your time and I save mine. I'm sick and tired but I'm not blind. When you lie I don't mind » (Liar)

The man has become an Isolated Liar...

Cataclysm E.P. stands for « Cataclysm Escape Plan »

DJ/EF on myspace :!/Djslashef

Buy here :


Isolated Liar - Cataclysm e.p.

First solo project by DJ/EF

Release date : 24 oct. 2011

Tracks :

Hotel Room